8 things: Jessica Lewis Edler

A couple weeks ago, one of our favorite style bloggers posted this article on 8 things every happy woman should have.  We were so inspired when Emily posted a list of her own that we thought we should share our own "happy" lists and the lists of women who inspire us. First up, is Jessica Lewis Edler,  co-founder of Chloe Oliver. 


1. A go-to drink

Vodka H2O with extra lemon and lime

2. A go-to Karaoke song.

"Friends in low places," Garth Brooks. 

3. A uniform.

Dark skinnies, T-shirt, oversized cardigan and boots - short, tall, flat, heeled, moccasins - I love boots.  Minimal make-up, hair on top of my head - unless I allow myself time to do my hair, Mother Mary pendant and my favorite rings.  

4. A hair stylist they love

Alison Leech - and unfortunately she is in Michigan. 

5. An exercise routine

Currently - Bar Method 4-5 times a week.

6. A hobby

Owning a business!  I love to cook and bake.  I've been challenging myself to write more and just recently started learning sign language. 

7. A best friend.

I feel very fortunate to have a lot of wonderful friends.  All that bring something unique to the table.  With living in Michigan growing up and moving out to Los Angeles 7 years ago I have made new friends while keeping close with those back at home. 

8.  A healthy sense of self. 

This is something that I have put into perspective lately.  It's easy to look at ones self and point out all your "flaws or short comings."   But what good does that do? Leaves you frustrated, feeling defeated, sad, angry?  Anything but happy!  

I truly believe healthiness and happiness go hand in hand.  Things that make me happy are spending a lazy Sunday with my husband, a phone call with family or friends, a day at the beach, wine and cheese nights with the girls, new work out classes, trying new recipes, giving back to the community and making time for myself.  These are all things that keep my mind and body healthy.  It's also what works for me, "I'm a work in progress."