8 things: Taylor Lungren

Last week, we shared Jessica Lewis Edler's 8 things based on this article. Now here are the answers for the other half of our Chloe Oliver dream team, the beautiful and talented Taylor Lungren.


1. Go-To Drink: gin & tonic <3 

2. Go-To Karaoke Song: Umm, can we change this to songs?! There are just way too many and God knows I LOVE karaoke! At one point I actually had a memo on my now dead Blackberry just full of amazing karaoke songs... #obsessed. Madonna - Like a Prayer, The Ataris - Boys of Summer, Jimmy Buffet - Fins.

3. A uniform: From a girl that once wore a uniform daily, nothing can beat my high school days of the infamous Xavier plaid skirt. {Un}Fortunately, I've upgraded to dark skinny jeans, a half tucked blouse and my current favorite pair of wedges-- for Fall, my tried & true Jeffrey Campbell X-It boots, circa 2010, oldies but goodies.

4. Hairstylist: Colorist: Jack Winn, Stylist: Johnny Gilchrist, both of Jack Winn Salon

5. Exercise: BAR METHOD!!! I'm obsessed. 4-5x a week at the Hermosa Beach location.

6. Hobby: ... hobby... hobby... hobby... cooking? eating? Working! Surprise! Owning a business is a full time job, the way that parenting is (or so I hear, Jenna?). Wouldn't trade it for the world though!

7. Best Friend: too many to count, I'm seriously going to be the girl with a bridal party of 15 :/// My soulmate/homeslice since I was fourteen is Miss KK (K-Tay for life!), but honestly I have been blessed with so many ridiculously amazing best friends in my life, it's unreal and I am eternally grateful to all of them. I am also lucky enough to work daily with two of them!

8. A healthy sense of self: I have recently become all about exploring life, taking each day and making the absolute most out of it, and learning... not about anything in particular, just about everything. You only get one life, so live it, do all the things that you've always wanted to do but have always made excuses for. A good friend said to me the other day that she woke up one morning and actively decided to live the life she's always imagined. I'd heard that before, but coming from this particular person at that particular time in my life, it resonated like a church bell on Sunday :) I have since tried to adopt that philosophy & I can't tell you how liberating it feels. Let go of the expectations. Go chase your dreams. And don't forget to tell your loved ones just that, that you love them, because they are what really what makes this life all worth the while <3