October Beauty Favorites

Confession. We are addicted to clothes... and to beauty products. Here are our favorites this month:


1 // Coconut Face Wipes : These are perfect for all skin types (including those with sensitive skin). Plus, they contain papaya, a natural exfoliant, and aloe and calendula for soothing and calming. 

2 // Oribe Apres Beach Wave : Want beachy waves when you have pin straight hair? Try this amazing new product for creating those highly coveted beach waves. Bonus- it smells amazing!

3 // doTERRA Lavender essential oil : This is the best lavender essential oil I have come across yet. Use for relaxation, as a sleep aid, for headaches, or for your signature scent. Winning!

4 // Baby Lips : So much bang for your buck here. Subtle pops of color with amazing moisture making those lips extra kissable.