Lately// on Pinterest

Like most women today, I am pretty obsessed with Pinterest. Every night before bed, you can find me pinning inspiring items for the home, my wardrobe, my lifestyle and my kitchen. I go to bed feeling inspired and ready for the new day ahead. I love it. Here are some of the things we are loving over here at Chloe Oliver.


I have loved The Great Gatsby since the first time I read the book. There is just something so romantic, dreamy, and inspiring about the way he writes. I want to live in one of his sentences. That being said, I was never one to have a very rigid point of view on how the movie should be made. A modern, colorful take with Jay-Z music? Sounds amazing. So, for me, I absolutely loved the movie when I finally caught a showing last week. I thought everything from the costumes to the set design to Leo's smile was captivating and spectacular. 


I stumbled upon this SHAPE article the other week on what busy, powerful women do for exercise. As a busy working mama, I need to fit in quick workouts for my health and my sanity. I loved peeking into what other powerful women are doing to stay in shape (beyond getting a personal trainer and private chef). It was reassuring to see the realistic balance in the lives of inspiring women. 


Like most people I don't have time to be spending hours in the kitchen. Plus, during the hot Southern California summer, who wants to spend hour in the kitchen? I am all about simple and easy during this time of year. I will definitely be trying out these four (!) ingredient homemade popsicles in the next couple weeks. 

What about you, what are you pinning lately?

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