8 things: Jenna Zielbauer

We are bringing back our 8 things series for 2014 and we have some amazing women to share with you all. First up, is Jenna Zielbauer. She not only owns the super stylish Von Z Boutique but she is also the designer of the fabulous Cotton Candy Couture. Check out her 8 things!


1. A go-to drink: Bubbles! 

2. A go-to Karaoke song: Karaoke? I'll spare you the pain. But I do attempt to sing every pop song currently played on the radio. My husband laughs at me, yes laughs, every time we're in the car together. Talk about an ego boost. 

3. A uniform: Booties, cotton candy couture sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and a beanie (any time I have the opportunity to not do my hair, I'll take it!)

4. A hair stylist they love: Amanda from ASHA salon in Bucktown (Chicago) - she is amazing at what she does and so fun to gossip with while in the chair! 

5. An exercise routine: Running 5 days a week. Although this brutally cold winter got the best of me, hello winter layer! 

6. A hobby: Does shopping count?

7. A best friend: Should support you through the good and the bad, should never judge you, motivates you to be better in all that you do and makes you laugh. I feel like it's more common these days for women to want to tear other women down than support them. I am lucky enough to have found a handful of really great friends that are there for me no matter what - the good, the bad, the ugly - and that is what a best friend is all about. 

8.  A healthy sense of self: Accepting your self for what you really are, not what the media thinks you should be. 


Thank you so much Jenna!