Motivational Monday - POUND it out

Let's be honest, the thought of going to the gym can often be daunting.  However, we have found by mixing it up and trying new classes can keep our interest and actually motivate us to want to go and workout!   We've been intrigued to try out POUND a new fitness class that incorporates an hour rock out session - think Rockband meets pilates!  We are pretty excited to give it a try.  We'd love to hear what fitness classes you can't get enough of!

A couple other things we feel are a workout must:

1. Grab a friend - holding each other accountable makes you less likely to hit that snooze button

2. Bright Kicks - your morning run can be as fashionable as your favorite designer pumps

3. A great pair of work out leggings can go a long way - there are so many options!  If bright colors or prints freak you out try a black legging with mesh inserts

4. Play list that makes you feel like Jennifer Beals from "Flashdance"